Best strategies for saving flights and hotels

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to save money when running a business. Among all areas, business travel is one of the key areas where you can find savings on flights and hotels. By following the best booking strategies and using affordable options, travelers can reduce the cost of their business […]

What is SpiceJet?

If you live in India and have always dreamed of flying abroad, but you have limited funds, SpiceJet may be a solution for you. Started in 2005 and based in Delhi, India, SpiceJet is a low cost airline. Its mission is to become India's most preferred low cost airline while providing the highest value to […]

How to fly to Hyderabad by paying less

Hyderabad – the sixth most populous metropolis is the capital of Andhra Pradesh. It is also known as the "City of Pearls". If you are planning to visit Hyderabad, go ahead and book cheap flight tickets which are almost equivalent to train tickets. Now you don't have to spend long hours on the train. Instead […]

Top 5 American Express Credit Cards in Singapore

American Express is one of the largest credit card issuers in the world. The company offers customized cards to meet the needs of all types of customers, but mostly cater to the needs of high net worth individuals. Today, more than 100 million people worldwide use cards issued by this multinational financial company. American Express […]

Boston: A Shopping Paradise s

Forget about national parks, museums, historic monuments when you visit the beautiful and historic city of Boston. Instead of making time for some shopping fun. Although the city has many malls, there are sudden treasures where you can find the best deals, including wedding dresses. So when you wait for one of these cheap flights […]

5 Secrets to Getting Cheap Flights

In today's era, the advantage of the Internet has become radical. Numerous activities and transactions can be done online, and travelers are one of the lucky ones. Through the internet, they can make your booking much easier than before and it is also easier to get a deal on air fares. There are only a […]

Avoid the most common booking errors

Traveling is getting expensive over time and many people want to give up their plans entirely. But there is little point in living on this planet if you do not have full exploration of its beauty. Traveling within your limited budget is always possible. All you have to do is plan your trip wisely. Unfortunately, […]