Consider these travel tips next time you ski in Vermont

I have been skiing for sixteen years. I would hardly call myself a great skier, but then again, I would say I can hold my own in a variety of races, including black diamond double traitors. Okay, they are not treacherous unless you have never been skiing before, in which case you are likely to get killed if you go down one. They are very challenging but the Vermont ski resorts have some very good ones.

Although I really enjoy skiing in Stowe, which is in northern central Vermont, my favorite black diamond race is in Killington, called Outer Limits. It is a very wide race, with good bumps and if you get up early enough in the morning you can get some good fresh snow.

However, I tend to stay away from mopeds these days, while skiing more to relax to stay cool and fresh from Green Mountain State. I will make some black diamonds, but it will be limited mainly to blue mail. I think my knees, quadriceps and hamstrings will last throughout the day.

That said, I have some tips if you are planning a ski trip to Vermont. Regardless of which ski resort you go to, Okemo, Killington, Stowe, Sugarbush, and the list goes on and on, try and ski throughout the week. Monday through Thursday and the occasional Friday have very light traffic on the tracks. Which makes sense as most people are working or in my case should be working.

If you are staying in a hotel, lodging, motel or lodging, ask the receptionist or host if they have discount tickets. Most, if not all of Vermont's resorts, offer some sort of lift ticket discount. So unless you really want to pay full price, ask for the discount. It usually goes for about $ 5 to $ 10, but you can get lucky when they do special promotions and get a bigger discount.

If you have to ski on the weekends, try some of the smaller ski resorts. What I've found is that most locals stay away from larger resorts on weekends to avoid the crowd (they don't know what the crowd is until they forget about the Poconos in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania on a Saturday). Smaller resorts are usually cheaper and although they do not have as many races as the larger ones, the slopes they offer are challenging for even the smartest skier. You can do the travel and tourism division of Google Vermont and they should be able to send you a complete list of all the ski resorts in your state.

Like most ski resorts and Vermont are no different, ski when everyone is having lunch and go to lunch when everyone is on the slopes. The normal lunch time is from eleven and four and five until two in the afternoon. This is when lodges have most people sitting down to eat. I recommend going to the slopes as soon as they open (usually around 8am) and then having lunch from eleven o'clock and ending at eleven and forty five. As everyone goes to you.

Even with all the best tips in the world you will find it on many occasions. Don't let it bother you and remember that you are in Vermont, on vacation skiing some of the best mountains in the world.