What is SpiceJet?

If you live in India and have always dreamed of flying abroad, but you have limited funds, SpiceJet may be a solution for you. Started in 2005 and based in Delhi, India, SpiceJet is a low cost airline. Its mission is to become India's most preferred low cost airline while providing the highest value to the consumer. It is designed to allow more people to travel, both for business and leisure, without having to spend much time or money with the help of their services.

While it may be a low-cost airline, its quality in terms of technology, performance and security is not ignored, as it remains the same with state-of-the-art technology that allows for low-cost cargo, while ensuring that your employees are smart, efficient, and kind enough to meet your needs at best.

There are many types of attractive offers you can receive with SpiceJet. On the one hand, you can get a one-way ticket, which includes all taxes, when you first sign up for the SpiceJet network. With the SBI SpiceJet Card, you have the right to receive points reward, claimable for air tickets when you reach Rs 5,000. And if you use the SpiceJet SBI card, you can get a free one way ticket to a preferred location if you spend a lot of money on the card within 12 months and you can also get a SpiceJet discount voucher for the return ticket. You are also entitled to supplemental coverage of Accidental Death and total permanent disability if you lose your life during an air accident. They also come with zero liability for the card which covers a lot of financial losses due to fraudulent use. You can also get an additional deal if you have a SpiceJet promo code. SpiceJet promotional codes are called spicy codes and are delivered during certain promotional activities where they are sent via email or SMS, but can also be found on promotional code websites.

In fact, with so many different types of deals available, it is no surprise that SpiceJet is a preferred low cost airline.